Two-Factor Authentication in Graphite Connect

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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) provides an additional layer of security to your account. Users with administrative rights or secure data privileges are required to implement 2FA when they create an account or try to view/edit sensitive data for the first time.

When 2FA is enabled, Graphite sends a unique security code to verify your identity when you attempt to view or edit sensitive data (banking and tax data). You can choose to receive the security code via text message or through an authenticator app.


Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

Graphite requires a company’s first users to add their mobile numbers during onboarding. Secondary users are required to set up 2FA the first time they attempt to access secure data or administrative features. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up 2FA.


Supported Two-Factor Authentication Methods

Graphite Connect only allows SMS and Authenticator applications for two-factor authentication. Due to email’s limited security, we no longer support emails as a means of 2FA.


Enhanced SMS Verification through Prove Integration

Graphite integrates with the third-party verification tool, Prove. Prove uses a proprietary, three-step method to verify users by matching mobile phone data with user information. For more information on Prove, please refer to our Prove Integration support article.


Updating Two-Factor Authentication Preferences

If you need to update your method for authentication, perform the following actions:

  1. Log into your Graphite Connect account.
  2. Open your user account preferences by opening your profile in the top navigation bar. image.png

  3. In the Account Information section, select “Edit Account" or double-click the Two-Step Verification information within the section.


  4. Under “Two-Step Verification Preference”, click “Edit”image__2_.png

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to have two-factor authentication (2FA)?

While any user can enable 2FA, users with administrative, banking, or tax privileges, are required to enable 2FA prior to accessing sensitive data.

If I currently use email to authenticate will I be forced to update my email with the recent changes?

If you currently have a secondary email set as your 2FA you’ll be able to retain it as your method of 2FA. However, you will not be allowed to use email as a method if you want to update your 2FA preferences. 

Which authenticator apps are supported?

Graphite supports any standard authenticator app that can scan a QR code.

Once I have selected and used an authentication method, can I switch to a different one?

Yes. Change your 2FA preferences by following the instructions shared above in “Updating Two-Factor Authentication Preferences”.

What is an authenticator app?

An authenticator app is a third-party application that is used for two-factor authentication. The app generates a six- to eight-digit security key that changes at a specific frequency, usually 30 seconds. This key is used to verify the user. Using an authenticator app is considered to be the most secure method of 2FA.

What happens if I set up 2FA on my phone and then switch phones?

Authenticator apps all have different methods to accommodate this scenario. If you know you will be switching phones, please refer to the appropriate documentation.


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