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This feature requires an additional subscription.

Graphite Responder allows you to take your responses and answers within your Graphite Company Profile and quickly respond to other RFXs outside of Graphite. Responder also lets you extend your repository of questions by providing a separate database to store questions and answers outside the core Graphite Connect database.

We highly recommend filling out your full company profile in Graphite Connect to maximize the efficiency of Responder.

Quick Overview

You can quickly navigate to Graphite Responder from the main Graphite Connect app from the top navigation by clicking on the company navigation or from the separate URL

Once logged in you’ll see a simple screen with an input allowing you to type or paste the question you’re trying to answer. Pressing the search button will yield results based on relevance matched by our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine. Responder will search both questions and your answers to find the best fit. 

Find a Good Fit?

If you find a good fit answer for the question, you can mark it as the best fit by up-voting the result. This will push this Q/A pair higher up in relevance in future searches.

Example Workflow:

  1. Copy a question into the search box
  2. Review the search results and select the best response (results are sorted by most relevant first).
    • We recommend that you up-vote the best answers, as this will rank the answer higher in future searches. 
  3. Need to edit or update an answer? Simply hover over the answer and click the pencil icon. Clicking the history (clock) icon allows you to view the history of a specific answer.
  4. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Click the “None of these match” button at the bottom of the search results. This will open up a prompt, allowing you to answer the question to be stored for future queries.
  5. If your search yields too many results you can narrow down your search using the filters located beneath the top navigation bar.

Uploading Your Past RFXs

To leverage the questions and answers found in past RFXs that you’ve completed, we recommend uploading the files to Graphite. By doing so, previous questions and answers will be added to your database, making RFX completions even faster and easier. 

In addition, you can also add and answer questions one-by-one when using the main search prompt in Responder (generally when you don’t find a relevant answer from the search results) by using the “Add new question” button. 

How to Upload RFXs

  1. Compile RFXs that you’ve previously completed in an Excel or CSV format with two columns:  questions in Column A and answers in Column B. 

  1. Log into your Graphite Responder account ( 
  2. Once you’re logged in, click the “Upload questions” link in the top navigation bar.

  1. Follow the prompt from the modal and upload your desired document.  
  2. The system will process your file and show the results of your upload (successes and failures). Duplicate questions will automatically be removed.
  3. Upload files to enrich your database of questions within Responder.

Installing and Using the Companion Excel Add-On

Note: The ability to upload past RFXs is currently only available on the website version of Responder and not within the Excel Add-in. 

  1. Navigate from the Insert menu to launch the Microsoft Office Add-ins store. 

  1. Search for “graphiteResponder”. Click the “Add” button and agree to the terms and privacy to start downloading the add-in.
  2. Once downloaded, a new icon will appear in your navigation bar and a popover will notify you of successful download. 

  1. Click on the Graphite Responder icon to launch the add-in. 
  2. Sign into your Graphite account and start answering your RFXs. 

For help or additional information, feel free to reach out to

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