Internal Use Supplier Badges

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Badges can provide a quick and easy way to set visual markers for suppliers within your database. Based on any criteria, from tax classification to location, you can quickly set custom badges to be displayed. The Supplier Badge feature allows you to also set a custom badge or logo so that it can be easy for your team and company to visually identify specific suppliers. These badges are custom to your company and can only be seen by people from within your organization. To enable this feature please reach out to your Graphite Support contact.

How to Create a Supplier Badge

To set up a custom badge simply navigate to the Admin section of Graphite Connect and go to the Badges page.

From this page you can find a “Create Badge” button. Clicking this will allow you to create a new badge by inputting a name and criteria for how you will label suppliers.

To set the logo or artwork, click the pencil icon next to the “None” label on the badge/logo input. From here you can upload any image or badge that best fits your custom supplier badge.


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