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Keeping up with Requests for Information (RFI) or other customer data requests can feel impossible. Frustratingly, the data requested from one is often the same as another, yet users have to waste time entering it into a different form. Click Share, a free feature of Graphite, allows users to quickly share their information with a simple, secure link. Links that users create will expire one week after creation, ensuring that the intended recipient is the one to view the shared information. 


How to generate a Click Share link

First, users must navigate to the company’s profile by clicking on the company logo in the top navigation bar and clicking the “View profile” link. Then, find the “Share profile” button on the left side, below the company logo. This link will open the Click Share modal, prompting users to enter the necessary details.



First, enter the company's name and the intended recipient’s name and email address. From here, users can select if they are sending information to a customer or a supplier, which limits  what information can be shared. By selecting “Customer,” Graphite will give access to data like tax and banking information. “Supplier” will limit the data shared to more relevant data like location and summary information.

Next, users can select what data they want to share: either (1) “All data,” (2) “Limited data,” or (3) “Specific documents.” 

  1. “All data” will share all profile information, with the option to select to include sensitive data like banking or tax information (by default, this data isn’t shared). 
  2. “Limited data” will allow users to select specific topics from the profile to share. Note that certain topics will allow users to specify further which data they’d like to share from that topic. 
  3. “Specific documents” will allow users to pinpoint which documents they want to share. 



What does the recipient see?


Once users complete all the required fields in the Click Share modal and click “Submit,” Graphite will send an email to the designated recipient from which they can access the information. The first screen they’ll see is a greeting with a notification that the link will expire in a week. After the greeting screen, the recipient will see the shared profile, limited to the information selected by the user.


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