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Graphite Connect puts the data you need at your fingertips. From the homepage to the top navigation bar, there are multiple search functions available to help you find what you’re looking for. This article details Graphite Connect’s search capabilities and how to view companies connected to yours. 


Starting a Search

You can search from the homepage or the top navigation bar, where you’ll be directed to the search results page. The landing page displays the top search results in categories such as companies and contracts. Click on any item to open more details on that item. If you don’t find your query in the top results, you can refine your search to a single category by using either the dropdown next to the filters or clicking any of the “See all results” under each category. 


“All results” displays every category.

“My items” displays search results that are directly related to you or owned by you.

“Supplier” or “Customer” displays companies connected to your company.

“Other Companies” displays all companies in the Graphite Connect network.

Suppliers, Customers, or Select Categories

When you narrow your search to a specific category, you’ll see appropriate filters for each category. These category pages replaced the old Connections page.



You can access advanced filters or save your filter sets by clicking  the “Filters” button. This will open a filter drawer. At the top, you’ll see controls to access previous filter sets, a button to save your currently selected filters, and a button to reset all currently active filters. 



To perform an advanced search on more specific data, simply click the “Add filter” button at the bottom. This will open a new filter, allowing you to be more precise with the data that is shown in a search.



Selecting a How To View Results

The search and narrowed category pages have two view options: detailed and simplified. The detailed view shows results in tables that hold a large amount of data. The data columns present are determined by your company’s implementation. Simplified View displays results in simple cards. Companies shown in Simplified View are formatted the same as companies seen on your homepage, with the same ability to expand to view more details. 

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