Managing Non-Network supplier profiles

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Graphite Connect supports your ability to self-manage supplier profiles when needed. When using the Non-Network feature, suppliers will not receive an invitation and the buyer is responsible for creating and maintaining the supplier details. 

mceclip0.png   Common use cases include legal payments and utility payments.

Who gets to do these

The capability to create and manage Non-Network supplier profiles is restricted to users in the non-network custom user group. 

Users in this group see an additional question in the NSJ: “Will this supplier join Graphite Connect?”

When this is set as "No," the user who created the profile is responsible for completing all information on behalf of the supplier.

How to identify a Non-Network profile

Non-Network supplier profiles can be identified in two ways:

  1. All Non-Network profiles have a Graphite ID with a "NN" prefix
  2. Non-Network company profiles have a "Non-network Supplier" badge on the profile page and the search results page


The search results page has an advanced filter that makes it easy to find these:

  • Filter = Graphite Supplier
  • Operator = Equals
  • Value = No, this supplier will not join Graphite Connect

What happens next

By default, Non-Network profiles limit required questions to the most basic information generally needed to create a record and make a payment.

  • If you are not making payments to the supplier, then these profiles do not require a tax number, but if you choose to enter a tax ID it must be validated by the system before proceeding.
  • If you are making payments to the supplier, then tax ID numbers are required.

These supplier profiles will still create data validation tasks for the Graphite support team, but do not create a 2nd bank approval. 

How to bypass the banking requirement

If you need to bypass the banking requirement for a Non-Network profile, you need to set the "skip banking details" flag in the ERP Connection Data section. This will turn off the banking requirement.

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