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Graphite leads the market in driving speed and collaboration among companies by centralizing all business touchpoints into a single portal. Seamless integration with the tools you and your team already use is essential for maintaining pace and efficiency. That's why we've developed our latest Slack integration—to seamlessly connect and simplify your workflows.

Introducing Graphite Connect’s Slack App, empowering you to manage tasks directly within Slack. Graphite Connect's app ensures you stay informed by delivering real-time notifications whenever a new approval or task is assigned to you in Graphite, bringing all the necessary context right to your fingertips.

Ready to enhance your productivity? Follow the steps below to set up the app and streamline your processes:


Enabling Slack for Your Organization

Graphite’s Slack integration is a paid feature and requires a subscription to use. To enable this integration, please contact your Graphite customer success manager to start the process.


Connecting Graphite Connect to Your Slack Workspace

Once the Slack integration has been enabled for your organization, follow these steps to add our integration to your Slack workspace:

  1. Navigate to Communication Preferences in Graphite
    If your organization's Slack integration is pending, you'll see a message indicating that the feature is not yet enabled.

  2. Click “Connect to a Slack Workspace”

  3. Sign in to your Slack workspace
    If you are already signed in, continue to step 4.

  4. Allow Graphite Connect to access your workspace
    Graphite requires permission to view your workspace and send notifications about new tasks or approvals.

  5. Configure your workspace notifications
    Customize the types of notifications you want to receive within Slack.

  6. Start Using Graphite Connect
    Once everything is set up, you'll receive notifications about new tasks and approvals directly within Slack, allowing you to review and take action without leaving your workspace.


Notifications for Multiple Companies or Workspaces

Graphite’s Slack integration supports notifications for multiple workspaces. To add notifications to additional Slack workspaces:

  • Select  “Connect to a New Workspace” and follow the steps outlined above.

You can manage which associated companies send notifications by clicking the “Edit” button next to the listed company in the Graphite Companies column. As a default, when you first enable the Slack integration, only the organization you are logged in under will be connected to the workspaces that you add. You can also remove companies using the same “Edit” button.

Disconnecting Graphite from Slack

To disconnect Graphite Connect from your Slack workspace:

  1. Click the “Disconnect” button at the end of the workspace row you wish to disconnect.
  2. Confirm your disconnect in the pop-up modal.
  3. Once confirmed, Graphite will no longer send notifications to your Slack workspace.


  • I don't see Slack as an option in my Communication Preferences
    • Your company hasn't enabled Slack as a feature. Reach out to your Graphite admin or customer success manager to enable this feature
  • Slack messaged that it's unable to process my action
    • You or your company disconnected Slack between the time the task was created and when you attempted to take action. You'll need to reestablish the connection to your Slack workspace to continue.

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Happy collaborating! If you encounter any issues or have questions about using the app, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance.

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