Deliverables Process for Suppliers

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Intel occasionally initiates deliverable requests for its suppliers. Deliverables are related to a few different programs, covering various topics and questions. These deliverables require suppliers to acknowledge the request and provide relevant information. Read on to understand how to complete a requested deliverable. 


Upon initiation, suppliers receive an email notification regarding the new deliverable request. The email contains detailed instructions outlining the requirements for each type of deliverable.

Clicking the link in the email will direct users to log into Graphite, leading them directly to the relevant connection.

Acknowledgment and Submission

The initial task required is to acknowledge the deliverable's expectations. Upon acknowledgment, users are prompted with specific questions related to the deliverable. 

Deliverages which are started, but not completed, will trigger reminder emails detailing the requirements and due dates.


Review Process

Once all information is provided and submitted, it undergoes program management review by Intel. The deliverable's status is updated to "Pending Review" during this phase.

Follow-up Queries

Sometimes, Intel may have further questions and send the deliverable back to the supplier. Suppliers receive another email with new instructions, inviting them to respond to additional queries. Suppliers will be required to confirm their understanding of the follow-up request and update answers as needed.

The deliverable status is marked as "Supplier Follow-up" during this phase.

Confirmation and Completion

Upon satisfactory completion, the program manager will mark the deliverable as complete, and the deliverable’s status will update accordingly.

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