Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers

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The most common questions we are asked every day are compiled here to make it easy for you to find answers to what you and your vendors need to know. Don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything we haven't yet included in our list.


Why is my company using graphiteConnect?

graphiteConnect was chosen because one location for all commercial and due diligence data means it is easy to track what is needed for each supplier. Additionally, suppliers own their own company data, which means you are no longer responsible for keeping information up-to-date in your ERP systems. The risk of fraud goes down when suppliers are responsible for keeping bank account information up-to-date. Plus, the onboarding and vetting process is much faster when your supplier already has a profile on the network. They do not need to answer duplicate questions again and again.


Why do we ask so many questions?

Today’s increasingly rigorous privacy and security standards means it is important that you gather the right information about each supplier you work with. By doing thorough supplier vetting you can be assured your company is working with companies it is safe to do business with.


How can I tell where my supplier is in the process?

The graphiteConnect homepage provides basic information for in-process connections. For more details, search for the supplier and click on the “Details” or “Connection History” links. This will list all tasks, clearly notating which are assigned to you, somebody else in your company, or your supplier. For the tasks assigned to someone in your company, hover over the avatar(s) to see who is assigned the task.


How long does it take from start to finish?

For suppliers that do not trigger long compliance surveys (based on business relationship and scope of work), the entire process can be completed within 24 hours. When additional due diligence reviews are needed, the turnaround time depends on several factors, including the risk level and responsiveness of the supplier. Your assistance in ensuring the supplier responds to outstanding questions is appreciated and will help the process move forward more quickly.


How much does this cost my suppliers?

Nothing. The base graphiteConnect platform is free to everyone, which includes your suppliers. They can add as many users as needed without worrying about a fee.


What if I need to make updates to a supplier record?

For updates to information your supplier owns, like bank details and tax information, your supplier will need to update their company profile themselves. To request an update to information your company owns, like ERP integration data, you will submit a service request. These requests get assigned to the appropriate teams within your company.


How do I download a copy of the questions?

graphiteConnect does not currently support the ability to export questions, nor does it allow suppliers to export a copy of all of their answers.


How can tasks be delegated to other users?

graphiteConnect makes it easy to delegate tasks and add additional users. More details can be found on our support pages.


Is my supplier’s information secure on graphiteConnect?

We take security seriously. In addition to using 256-bit encryption technology, we are compliant to Payment Card Industry (PCI) information security standards. In graphiteConnect you can expect session timeouts, email verification, and two-factor authentication to access sensitive fields.


How does graphiteConnect verify the information the supplier provides?

During the onboarding process you may see validation tasks pop-up from time to time. For new suppliers, or whenever critical data is updated, our validations team verifies this information using a combination of 3rd-party tools and business requirements defined by your company to make sure that the information provided by your supplier is accurate and appropriate for your business relationship.


Who do I contact for help?

For questions about internal processes, please contact your procurement team. For questions about using graphiteConnect, please contact us directly.

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