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What you need to know

graphiteConnect lets you trigger Topic Reviews for any topic within the company profile. This customization makes it easy for each company to focus on what matters most to their compliance teams. Additionally, you can create reviews based on single products or grouped products to correctly assess supplier risk.

Whenever a Topic Review is triggered, all topic owners will be notified.


Track your outstanding Topic Reviews on your task list

Track outstanding Topic Reviews on your task list or within the connection tray. These will link you directly to the topic that must be reviewed.



Review high-risk answers and ask clarifying questions

Topic Reviews are unique per topic, allowing companies to assign risk and compliance reviews to specific teams.

graphiteConnect makes identification of both high- and low-risk answers so simple — you can easily review areas of concern and ask questions via in-app messaging. And all of your assessments are notated directly on the supplier profile, so information about a past review is always available. 



Complete the topic review

Once you are ready to complete your assessment, click edit, and fill in the fields with the appropriate information.

At this point, you can take “ownership” of this task – meaning no other topic owners will receive notifications and tasks related to this topic review for the duration of the assessment.

For topics that can be reviewed on the level of products and services, you can select one or many products and services to which your review applies.

If you require business approval, simply select the person who should be notified of this request. They will be prompted to complete the associated task.


When rescreening is required, the system will pre-populate a date based on your company settings and notify all topic owners on that date. Edit this date if needed, but you never have to worry about missing a topic review again.

Once all required fields are complete you have the option to Complete Review. At this time the task will be removed from your dashboard.

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