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The Graphite Network

Rather than endlessly recreating supplier information in each company’s isolated vendor master and compliance systems, graphiteConnect makes it easy to store this critical business information in a single, secure, and easily shared repository.



Just like a social network, our network is built on connections. Connections are defined as a business relationship between customers and suppliers. Each connection must go through the formal connection process and approval.


Company Profile
Each company that joins graphiteConnect maintains a company profile. These profiles contain commercial business data and standardized risk and compliance answers. Sensitive data is secured by bank-level security and only approved companies and users are granted access.

Internal Use
Internal use helps you identify topic reviews, connection data, and notes that can only be viewed by people within your company. This information is never shared with your supplier or customer.

Topics and Topic Owners
Each section of the survey is referred to as a topic, which helps to logically organize the survey. Topic Ownership controls permissions, automatically assigns tasks related to each topic, and tells the system who to notify when reminders are set and messages are exchanged. Admins can assign multiple topic owners via the admin screen.

Topic Reviews
Topic reviews refer to all risk & compliance reviews triggered within graphiteConnect. Topic owners can customize rules and requirements, including when to trigger a review and default rescreen dates. Topic reviews get triggered during the Review stage, and will recur at regular intervals during the course of the connection as defined by topic owners.

User roles
i.e. Buyers (or requesters) and Sellers

Some users will be prompted to define your role when you first login: whether you primarily work with suppliers (buyer), or if you primarily work with customers (seller). Once set, this role determines the default content that is displayed for you on the system (e.g. buyers will see supplier content first). You can always change or edit your role on the user profile page.


New Supplier Justification form
Requesters can be required to complete a New Supplier Justification form before initiating a connection with a supplier. Required questions are completely customized by your business rules, but the common goal is to ensure your procurement and compliance teams have all the information needed during supplier onboarding.

Invite, Review, Connect

We have created a fast and easy connection process for companies to onboard new suppliers. Both companies on either side of the connection relationship can set up rules and permission for each stage of the process.



Business Owners fill out the new supplier justification form and send the invitation. Suppliers complete survey questions before formally “accepting” the invitation and sharing their answers.



Risk and Compliance teams review supplier answers. Messages can be sent to the supplier for clarification.



Both companies settle contracts and reviews before completing needed ERP details and approving the final connection process.

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