Quick start guide for Buyers

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Accept invitation and set your role

Buyers and Sellers have different procurement needs and graphiteConnect is designed to tailor your experience based on your role in your company. If your role was not set up by your administrator, you will need to set your default role.

And if your role changes, this can always be updated by your administrator.




Keep track of outstanding “to-dos” on your task list

The onboarding process is as easy as Invite, Review, Connect — and the task list makes it easy to keep track of where you are in the connection process with your suppliers.

Your task list helps you identify who in your company is responsible for various tasks, and you can quickly navigate to each outstanding task.


The task tray on the company profile will guide you through the necessary tasks required to connect with your suppliers. Clicking on incomplete tasks will filter your view, making it easy to complete any unanswered questions.




Review and approve compliance topics with ease

graphiteConnect is designed to alert you when any of your due diligence topics may be high-risk. You’ll have the opportunity to review Supplier answers, ask questions via in-app messaging, and notate your assessment right on the supplier profile.




Manage existing suppliers

As you begin connecting with suppliers on graphiteConnect, you’ll be able to find them quickly on the Connections page. To drill down, simply search by keyword, or filter by industry, product & service, or country.

And don’t worry! We’ll notify you if anything changes with their critical master vendor data or any of the compliance topics you’ve identified as high-risk.




Search and connect with new suppliers

It’s easy to find new suppliers to do business with – no matter what industry or product you are looking for. And if the company you seek isn’t in the system, simply send them an invitation to join graphiteConnect.

Before starting a connection, make sure to select whether the company will be your supplier or your customer. Remember, this only applies if your company role identifies you as both a buyer and a seller.




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