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What you need to know

Your different products and services offerings can often have different answers to surveys like data privacy and information security. Making sure your company profile and responses correctly reflect your products and services is a simple process on graphiteConnect.


1. Add products and services

One of the first basic questions asked of you during the onboarding process is to list your company’s product and service offerings. You should answer this question generally enough so you don’t include every SKU you have in your catalog. Instead, add your product and services by categories that are logically grouped (e.g. laptop vendors shouldn’t list every model, rather “laptops” or “hardware”). You can always change and update this answer later on if needed.




2. Select and name your first group of products or services

Once you have added your products and services offerings, you can then create individual or grouped response sets in the Privacy and Security surveys. Navigate to the Compliance tab of your profile and expand either Information Security or Data Privacy, and select the blank assessment group labeled “Unnamed product assessment group".




3. Create new groups as needed

Companies regularly have several products or service offerings which require different answers to Data Privacy or Information Security surveys. If this is the case with your company, simply click the “Create new” button to create a new survey.



That’s it!

During the review process, your customer will have the opportunity to review and assess these survey responses based on your business relationship.


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