Creating and Using Reminders

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What you need to know

Reminders are tasks that are created either automatically by the system based on expiration dates, or manually by a user letting you know that something needs to be done.

graphiteConnect lets you set a reminder at the question or topic level. You can assign these to yourself or to all Topic Owners of the given topic. On the due date, the reminder will trigger a task that will display on the dashboard of each of the assignees. The copy you add to the reminder will display as the task copy.

Now you and your team members won’t forget to “Check in with Joe regarding his updated Code of Conduct.”


Setting a reminder

Reminders can be set at the topic level, at specific questions, or even in the context of a message thread. Whenever you see the reminder icon, you know you can quickly and easily set one — or multiple — reminders.

When you open the reminder pop-up, simply enter the date you want to be reminded, who should be reminded, and what you want to be reminded about. It’s that easy. You have the ability to edit or delete reminders if you make a mistake.


How reminders work

The task list helps you track upcoming and due reminders.

On the morning that the reminder is due, a task will be created and display in the correct person’s “My Tasks” list.

Reminder tasks are designed to require a firm acknowledgment to clear the task from your task list.

When you are ready, click the ‘mark as complete’ button to complete the task and remove it from your task list.


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