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Start a supplier connection

How to request a new supplier that is not yet in the network.

Graphite Connect is designed to make it easy for you to add a new supplier. Whether you click on the "request new supplier" button on the home page or if your search does not yield the result you are looking for, the system will prompt you for 3 pieces of information for new suppliers:

  • The name of the company
  • The name of your primary supplier contact
  • The email address that will receive the invitation to join

Note: If there are any close matches based on any of the information you provided, Graphite Connect will recommend an existing company for you to start with.




How to start a connection with a supplier already in the network.

If the company you want to do business with is already in the Graphite network, it is not necessary for you to complete any of the initial company details.

Simply search for the company name in the search bar. Click on the company to open their profile and then click "start connection" on the top of their company profile page.




Complete the New Supplier Justification

Your company has specific information they need you to provide before initiating a supplier relationship. When you start the process of completing the New Supplier Justification (NSJ), Graphite Connect will require that you complete each of the questions that your procurement and compliance teams have identified as critical to their decision-making process.

If you don't complete this right away, that's okay. You will receive an email reminding you to complete this form before the supplier invitation can be sent.




What to expect next

Each company has different rules regarding how and when the supplier invitation will be sent. Many companies require that another person verifies the data before sending the supplier the invitation to join Graphite Connect. But don't worry, the system will let you know exactly what to expect based on your company's process.


Tracking the status of your suppliers

Once you start a new request, you can easily track where your supplier is in the process. Right from the homepage you can see:

  • Waiting on you
  • Invite not yet accepted
  • Waiting on supplier
  • Waiting on your company

Click on any of the company cards for more details about what is happening right now with each supplier.

When the supplier connection is complete, you will be notified by email.




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