Tracking Onboarding Status on the Home Page

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Once a connection request is in process, you can easily track the status of the connection.

Visual Workflow & Company Cards

You can access the visual workflow in two different ways from the Home Screen. You can click on the dropdown button on the far right of the supplier (or customer) card, or you can click on any of the company cards. Please note, that clicking on a company card will also show you all of the details about that company. 


The visual workflow provides you an up-to-date view of everything that must be completed for the connection to be complete. Check boxes help you know what needs to be done and which tasks have been complete. 


Task Assignment 

On the right side of the company card you will see the status of the current tasks:


  • Invite not sent — The NSJ or an approval has not been completed and is awaiting you or your company to complete. 
  • Invite not yet accepted — The supplier has not yet accepted the invitation to join Graphite. 
  • Waiting on you — The progress of the connection is waiting on at least one task that is assigned to you. 
  • Pending your company — This means that either a group of people or an individual within your company has a pending task, or multiple tasks waiting on them. 
  • Pending supplier (or customer) action — This means you are waiting on the other company to complete one or more assigned tasks. 

Connection Phase

In the middle section you can see which phase the the connection is in. 


Invite — This phase typically includes three major sets of tasks.

  1. Completing the invitation survey that provides information about the supplier.
  2. The supplier inputting all the information in the supplier surveys.
  3. The supplier officially reviewing and submitting their data.

Review — In this phase, two primary sets of tasks occur:

  1. The buyer (or customer) reviews all supplier information and performs official risk reviews.
  2. The Graphite Connect team performs its official tax and banking validations. 

Connect — This is the final connection phase and is primarily focused on making the connection official and ensuring that the ERP data is correct. When the connection is complete, both parties will be notified by email.





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