graphiteConnect Release Notes

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Profile Table of Contents — In an effort to improve the navigation and findability of various topics, we are introducing a table of contents in the left nav. This will make it easier to quickly jump to various topics within the profile. Expect to see this in the Connection Profile and Document Center.

Document Center updates — The Document Center brings all supplier documents into one location, and the upcoming enhancement will allow documents to be managed directly in the document center.

New and updated integrations — Graphite will now support Zendesk and SecZetta integrations. Darkbeam has been updated to leverage its latest API, which gives their customer more functionality. Please contact your customer success manager for more information.

Address enhancements — For US-based addresses, the zip code is now automatically updated to append the correct +4 digit code.

Improvements to data validation — International address formats will soon be automatically validated via Smarty. Additionally, W9 reviews will soon be automated, making W9 validations more efficient.

Miscellaneous UI enhancements — We continue to make minor updates and enhancements to improve the experience for both buyers and suppliers.



June 2, 2022

Updates to the company create process — First-time users are now prompted to add additional admins and backup users when creating their initial company profile.

Home page updates — The home page has been updated to provide more transparency into the status of supplier onboarding. Requesters will now see what is outstanding and who is assigned a task without ever visiting the connection profile. See Using the Home Page for more information about this change.

API integration enhancement — The API has been enhanced so that only fields that are set to integrate with the ERP will cause a supplier to be added to the Changes list. Contact for more information.


May 4, 2022

New Feature: Projects — The Projects feature improves the intake flow and allows project management for sourcing visibility. It brings procurement into the process from the get-go, getting buyers in front of deals. Contact for more information.

Bulk task updates — The Connections page has been enhanced to include bulk Supplier Information Updates. Similar to how this feature works at the individual supplier level, this enhancement allows buyers to select a group of suppliers and apply the same task to all suppliers in that list.

Home page updates — Over the next several release cycles we will be making improvements to the home page. This release includes the ability to create custom quick links on the home page specific to your process and business needs.

New translations — We have added support for the following languages: German, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Hebrew, and Korean. See how to change your language settings >

Reassignment of the NSJ — Incomplete NSJs will automatically be assigned to the business owner, making it easier to start an NSJ on behalf of another user.

User History — Admins now have the ability to view user history on the admin screens. View history for a single user, or all user history for that company. History of the last 5 logins will be tracked after the May 4th release.


April 6, 2022

Messaging enhancements  — New in-app messaging features include the ability to @Tag users in your company and upload files directly in the chat window. The UI has also been updated to clearly show everyone who will be notified when the message is sent.

Email meta-data available for better visibility — The Profile API and the Connection Export includes basic information about all emails sent to your connections. This allows you to monitor "sent" and "bounced" emails in your external reporting.

SCIM support  — User provisioning and de-provisioning is now easier with Graphite SCIM support. Customers using SCIM will be able to manage user permissions using your IDM solution, which will then update automatically in graphiteConnect.

More efficient routing for signature — You now have the ability to route documents for signature in edit mode.


March 2, 2022

graphiteWarehouse — In addition to our Public API, all supplier information is available to you via graphiteWarehouse. Connect to your existing reporting tools, or work with our Customer Success team to set up a custom Graphite reporting dashboard.

Bank Row Approvals and Validations  — Secondary bank approvals and associated validations are clearly identified at the bank row, minimizing the need to click into each bank account to confirm they are completed.

Preferred Supplier Tracking and Badges  — Preferred supplier tracking and badges is now part of the standard Graphite product offering, making it easy to promote preferred suppliers in your guided buying experience. Contact our Customer Success team to enable this feature.

View history on completed tasks  — Notes and messages associated with completed tasks is now available in the history. On-click of the completed task will provide the same level of detail as displayed on all open tasks.

Miscellaneous — We are always looking at ways to continually improve the user experience for both suppliers and buyers. This release includes several bug fixes and minor modifications made throughout the app.


February 2, 2022

CyberPassport Integration — Integration with CyberPassport, an accreditation service specifically for higher education, that allows an organization to manage third-party risk and insurance requirements across their supply base.

Dow Jones Integration — Integration with Dow Jones RiskCenter will give buying entities more visibility into supplier risk. Learn more here >

Custom definition of connection types — In order to better support various connection types, Graphite allows our customers to define the labels that best represent how they do business with their connections. For example, graphiteConnect can be configured to refer to connections as Partners, rather than Suppliers or Customers.

Improved experience for log-in help  — The login page is updated to better support users with issues logging into graphiteConnect. 

Public API enhancements for User Management — The API now includes the list of users associated with each user group, making it easier to manage and maintain this information outside of graphiteConnect.


January 5, 2022

Communications Center Enhancement — Going forward, all future emails sent to the supplier will be available in the communications center. This includes invitations, reminders, and other system notifications, as well as any ad hoc emails sent via the bulk messaging feature. This will include delivered/bounced indicators, as well as the ability to resend a specific email.

Paypal Integration — Paypal has been added to our list of available integrations. We support a link from graphiteConnect directly into your Paypal account for payment processing.

Opportunities (Advanced Search) — The Advanced Filters feature on the Connections page includes a filter for "Opportunity," making it easier than before to narrow down the list of suppliers that have responded to a specific registration link.

Topic Review Enhancement — Topic Owners will not be able to complete a topic review if any document attached to the review is pending signature.

Click Share API — The Click Share API supports CC and BCC options, streamlining the experience for customers using our Salesforce integration.

Speed Improvements — We have made several updates to improve speed of task processing and page load times. 


December 1, 2021

OFAC/Debarred lists — Graphite will be extending OFAC/Debarred checks for all international companies and rerun these checks every 90 days. You will be notified if a company you do business with is newly identified as being on one of these lists.

Communications Center — The new Communications Center centralizes in-app messages in one location, making it easier to monitor all internal and external messages. It is easy to see who received each message on the supplier side and the buying side. When coupled with Bulk Messaging, a paid feature, all communications are easy to monitor and track directly in graphiteConnect.


November 5, 2021

Enhancements to Opportunities — The opportunities management screen allows the opportunity owner to manage which questions will be required of the supplier when registering for a new opportunity. Contact for more information.

Improvements to permissions and roles — Updates to rules regarding read/write access and default roles for all new users makes it easier for you to be sure each user has the right permissions when accessing graphiteConnect. These improvements include updates to Actions Plans, which now allow topic owners to manage APs that are related to their topic.

Business Approvals documentation — Documentation attached to business approvals keeps the sent and received attachments separate, making for improved version control.

Action Plans — Tasks can be conditionally created based on custom business logic and automatically attached to an Action Plan, so that you make sure nothing slips through the cracks. To enable this feature, please contact


October 6, 2021

Invite, Review, Connect — Based on customer feedback, we've renamed the Collaborate step to Review, as it makes it more clear what is happening during that step of the onboarding process.

Visual interpretation of the workflow — This new feature displays a visual representation of the onboarding workflow. This makes it easier to see the status of the connection, as well as all tasks that need to be completed before onboarding is complete. Expect to see this everywhere you see the "invite, review, collaborate" icons, as well as on the Connection Overview page.

Contact Center— Buyers are able to view the Admins, Invite Recipients, and Topic Owners for their suppliers. Only those with the appropriate permissions will be able to view supplier contacts. Contact for more details.

Opportunity Management — Buyers can send Opportunity links to one or multiple suppliers at a time, allowing them to register for a business opportunity.

Certification Badge enhancements — Badges for certification bodies support the ability to display add and display badges conditionally based on various business rules. Advanced search has been updated to make it easier to find suppliers that are certified by these governing bodies. Contact for more details.

Public API for Clickshare — Clickshare is available via the API so that it can be launched from your CRM or other internal tools. Contact for more details.


September 1, 2021

Export of table data — Supplier information contained in tables can be exported in an Excel file. Only fields available to the user will be included in the export.

Task priority — Tasks can be flagged with varying levels of priority. Options can be customized based on your business process, but will default to High, Medium, and Low. Once in use, you will be able to sort by priority on the task page. Contact us for a list of tasks that can have a default priority set by your business rules.

Shared questions — Buyers have the ability to create shared fields that can be updated by either the buyer or supplier, and the history of this field will show which entity and user made the update. These types of questions are limited to relationship-only questions and can only be shared and updated between one buying and one supplier entity.

Document repository — The left navigation now includes a link for Documents, which will dynamically pull all documents that have been uploaded in the supplier profile and make them available in one location.

Messaging on Internal Use questions — Users are now able to send an in-app message on all Internal Use fields, allowing teams to better collaborate with each other within graphiteConnect.

Banking approval updates — Improvements in how Graphite-owned banking approvals are triggered and displayed for smaller companies without a second approver in the system. These approvals will have more clarity and consistency than before.

Badges for certification bodies — Graphite now supports custom badges wherever you see company details, like on the search results page and on a company profile. These badges denote custom relationships with various certification bodies.


August 4, 2021

Risk flag overrides — Topic owners are able to change the calculated high-/low-risk flags for each answer, making it easier to evaluate and customize supplier risk. This feature can be enabled upon request.

Adobe Sign integration — Adobe Sign can be enabled for customers who have an active Adobe Sign account. Contact for more details.

Improved Communications — We continue to improve communications coming from graphiteConnect. The digest email will now be sent once a week and better highlight outstanding and aging tasks. And we've added additional emails for network and non-network invitations, with the goal of improving response time.

Better view into delivered invitations — Bounced/Delivered indicators and invitation sent dates will now display on the Connections page, making it easier to track when invitations have been sent.

Improved history — History modals now include a timestamp in addition to the date.

Miscellaneous — We are always looking at ways to continually improve the user experience for both suppliers and buyers. This release included several bug fixes and modifications made throughout the app.


July 7, 2021
Opportunity Management — Buying entities now have the ability to self-manage custom URLs that can be used to attract suppliers without the need for an invitation. Examples include Supplier Diversity Campaigns, RFPs, and other pre-qualification activities.

Daily Digest updates — Outstanding tasks are more easily identified by topic, and aging tasks are prioritized for high visibility.

Customization for supplier email notifications — In addition to a custom invitation, Graphite supports the ability to customize most of the email notifications sent to suppliers. This includes reminder emails, rescreen notifications, and business owner emails.

Improved RapidRatings — RapidRatings data is updated on a daily basis for all outstanding outreach requests. Notification improvements include notifications and tasks when a request is complete. All of this detail is easily accessible via History.

Visibility into tasks — Including the default view with tasks assigned to you and your team, users can now additionally group by Topics or Connection Status.

Miscellaneous UI enhancements — This release includes several minor UI enhancements that make it easier to complete tasks.


May 29, 2021
Rescreen Notifications — graphiteConnect now has the ability to send rescreen notifications to Business Owners when a rescreen is initiated, and send a follow-up reminder when a rescreen task remains unfinished. Please contact to enable this on your account.

Action Plans — Improvements make it easier to see who created the Action Plan, as well as provide better flexibility to create and assign approval tasks.

User Requests — Users requesting access to existing company profiles can resend the access request and see the email address of the admin who received the request.

RapidRatings — We now offer the ability to integrate with RapidRatings. You will be able to view your portfolio and launch Financial Health Reviews from within graphiteConnect. Please reach out to for more details.

Task management— Updates to backend processing of the task page means this page loads faster than before. These changes also support reassigning any task to another user in the assigned group.

graphiteResponder — Sales teams will see improvements to answer matching, including synonyms, and a plugin that integrates directly with Excel. Please reach out to to learn more about graphiteResponder.


May 5, 2021
DocuSign integration — Contracts can now be routed through DocuSign, and the status of signatures is tracked within graphiteConnect. Contact to enable this feature.

Automated IBAN validations — International banking validations will see an improvement with IBANs being automatically validated as soon as they are added.

Action Plan grouping — Action Plans will now display the topics that are associated with tasks in the Action Plan, and the Action Plans page supports the ability to filter by topics.

Improvements to UI — This release will include various UI enhancements to better the experience for buying entities and suppliers.

graphiteResponder — There is now an Excel add-in to make graphiteResponder even easier to respond to spreadsheet surveys. Additionally, we've continued improvements to our AI/NLP matching algorithms. Please reach out to to learn more about graphiteResponder.


April 7, 2021
Enhanced banking security — The Sales/Payment topic now requires all suppliers to add a second user with the "banking" permission. All new and updated bank accounts will route approvals to users in this role.

Action Plan enhancements — Improvements include UI updates for clarity and ease of use. New filters make it easier to find action plans by status, by connection stage, and by owner.

Clickshare granularity — Clickshare allows you to select which topics to share when sending the link to your supplier or customer.

Privacy and Security surveys — Suppliers now have the ability to select which assessments should be shared with each customer, allowing for better relevance when creating product-level assessments, and ensuring your customer only reviews what is relevant to the business engagement.

graphiteResponder — We are continually adding new features and improving the AI functionality of graphiteResponder. Please reach out to to participate in our beta release.


March 22, 2021
Enhanced banking security — All banking account updates now require two validations prior to the update being sent to your team for review. We've improved notifications to alert company users when their personal or bank details change.

Disconnected suppliers — The "connection stage" filter on the Connections page has been improved for more granular access to companies you no longer do business with.

Access to Darkbeam data — Darkbeam is now available for all enterprise contracts when reviewing Information Security. This includes an easy-to-read score and high-level statistics of your supplier's cyber risk. Full reports are available on-click.

Updates to 2FA — Two-factor authentication (2FA) no longer supports authentication via the user's primary email address. Authentication now requires a mobile number.


February 22, 2021
Improved history — You now can view all historical changes across a supplier profile in one location. Also, history view for tables is enhanced, making it easier to review line item and whole table changes.

Company location — The system now forces a company's primary address to match the Country of Registration. Because of this, you can expect better address and tax validation.

Related connections — View suppliers and customers that are shared across the related companies you manage. The new "family tree" icon displays supplier/customer overlap in the search results and connections page(s).

Ready to Transact — A new "Ready to Transact" flag is available for all ERP integrations. This can be configured to meet your business requirements. Contact for more details.


January 29, 2021
Action Plans — Building upon the ad hoc task enhancement included in the last major release, this new feature allows buying entities to group tasks to be managed simultaneously. Use action plans for general to-do's or even a corrective plan relating to a recent security breach. Action plans include all the collaboration tools used throughout graphiteConnect, including reminders, messages, and business approvals. To schedule a demo, please contact us at

Miscellaneous — We are always looking at ways to continually improve the user experience. There were several bug fixes and modifications made throughout the app.


December 14, 2020
Manual tasks — Ad hoc tasks can be created on any question, allowing you to create and assign a task to yourself, your team, or your supplier. This new enhancement also provides the ability to set a due date for these manual tasks.

Improved Contract workflow — The new "Contract Request" service ticket means you can create a contract task even after the initial onboarding is complete. Contract requests are easily identified as a manual request or as triggered by a topic review.

Miscellaneous — In an effort to continually improve the user experience, there were several bug fixes and modifications made throughout the app.


November 11, 2020
Profile Landing Pages — Supplier profiles now include a landing page that displays notes added by your company admin. With this update comes a new left navigation. Expect additional modules on this page in the coming months.

Improved multi-language support — Our new language component supports the ability for companies to answer questions in multiple languages. Buyers have the ability to identify which questions should be configured to require a particular language or languages.


October 26, 2020
Better view into history — Connection history has been expanded to display the history of both sides of the connection, and task history has been improved to indicate changes to an individual task.

Task assignment — The task page now supports multi-select of the "My Team/Topics" tasks, allowing you to assign a team member multiple tasks at once.


October 13, 2020
Enhanced Risk Scoring — graphiteConnect's risk model now includes scoring, as well as the ability to display both the individual answer scores and the total risk score.

Campaign URLs — Buying entities can create a supplier campaign with a unique campaign URL that allows prospective suppliers to pre-qualify for business. Once suppliers are in the network, they will display as prospects on the Connections page.

Enhanced Disconnect Process — Expanding upon the previous "cancel connection" workflow, the new "disconnect" workflow will support various reasons for the disconnect, as well as maintain historical data about the supplier connection.


September 18, 2020
Improved supplier notifications — Buying entities now have the ability to notify preferred supplier contacts during the rescreen process or when initiating an invitation with an in-network company.

Send messages on internal tasks — In addition to tracking status, team members can now send messages on open tasks, making it easier to communicate and keep business moving.


September 1, 2020
Task page enhancements — Task page now supports saved task searches. Click the "save" link above the dropdown filters on the task page to save your filter query. Saved filters will appear in "My filters."

Improved 'edit' privileges — Only users in the associated User Groups will see the “edit” icons throughout graphiteConnect. User Groups, including topic ownership and related permissions, can always be adjusted on the Admin page. Please contact for more details.

Track supplier invitations — The profile page now indicates whether or not the invitation was delivered, allowing you to easily see when a recipient email may need to be updated.


August 22, 2020
Refined company profiles — Enhancements to the company profile include pinned left navigation, new company switcher, easier task highlighting, and streamlined UI components. These changes will allow for better navigation and ease of use while working within company profiles.

Enhanced load speed — Company profiles and corresponding data have reduced load times.

Machine translation — Messages and Notes now include machine translation. Beneath any text that was added in a language other than your default will display a "see translation" link.


August 3, 2020
Product-level surveys — graphiteConnect now allows compliance topics to be answered for each individual product/service or grouped with similar products and services. Suppliers can group or split up their product offerings into as many answer sets as needed. During review, compliance teams will have the ability to complete one or multiple reviews as appropriate for the business relationship. This is currently supported for Data Privacy and Information Security. Please contact for more details.


June 25, 2020
Expanded Localization — This release adds five new languages for a total of six: Japanese, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, and it also includes updated machine translation of free-form user inputs to better handle the inclusion of these new language pairs. Machine translation will appear when the system detects that the free-form answer text differs from your selected preferred language with a “see translation” link.

International bank validation — Automatic bank validation now includes international banks to accelerate supplier onboarding.

Enhanced security —Admin users are now required to authenticate before accessing admin screens.

Risk review workflow — In an effort to improve communication between compliance teams and suppliers, suppliers will receive an email alerting them when a manual rescreen is initiated.

Advanced Search — Advanced search on the Connections page is updated to include custom topics and no longer looks at open assessments when searching across risk levels.


June 17, 2020
Updated product selection — This is the first step toward product-level reviews. The buying entity will add requested products and services in the same format used by suppliers, paving the way for a more streamlined experience in future releases.

Improved onboarding experience — Based on feedback, we’ve redesigned the first few screens to make it easier for suppliers to join graphiteConnect.

Streamlined workflow for rescreens — Rescreen tasks will display only after the supplier has completed their tasks. This enhancement should bring clarity to the work Risk & Compliance teams need to focus on.

Refined task and connection history — As part of the continual work towards a simple and easy user experience, we have reworked how the platform displays task and connection history. The drawer has been expanded to include customer and supplier tasks with the same visual representation as seen throughout the platform.

Enhanced reporting — We’ve increased the limit on the number of suppliers you can export at one time, while also making it clear of the progress of your export. After clicking "export" on the Connections page, the new progress modal will display the processing count and will allow the download of the spreadsheet upon completion.


May 28, 2020
Task Page updates — The task page had a second round of updates, including the ability to open a task in a new window, better search capabilities, and a better view into task status. Tasks overall provide more details on status, and recent updates are flagged so it is easier to track which tasks are ready for action.

Non-network suppliers — Buying entities now have the ability to add internal-use suppliers so data can easily integrate with your ERP system.

API Enhancements — The reporting API now includes connection information.

Topic Review updates — In-process topic reviews are no longer included in the overall risk calculation. Custom list values are displayed properly in the topic review and task review pages.


May 14, 2020
Task and status updates — Tasks have been updated to include status, both on the connection task tray and on the Task page. This makes it easier to keep everybody informed of any impact on SLA. Additionally, the task page has been enhanced to display your supplier's tasks, making it easier to track where they are in the onboarding process.

Improved workflow —Topic Reviews have always had the ability to assign to a specific team member, but now all tasks can be assigned to an individual. Data validations happen as soon as Collaboration begins, so that supplier onboarding moves more quickly than before.

Improved security — We are always monitoring the system for opportunities for improvement. This release included several security fixes to ensure your data is kept safe.


April 30, 2020
More robust notifications — These updates provide a more granular ability to trigger email notifications based on various system actions, making it even easier to track where your supplier is in the process of onboarding.

User select lists — User select lists now support the ability to add new users or select a specific user group.

Miscellaneous — As always, there were several bug fixes and modifications made throughout the app to continually improve the user experience.


March 25, 2020
Improved user segmentation — Improvements to User Group Segmentation now allows for conditional rules on topic reviews and stage advancement tasks. User Group Segmentation is a paid feature. To enable this on your account, please contact us at

Enhanced Task list — Users can now search by company name and prioritize tasks as "active" or "backlog".

Support for custom "service tickets" and other tasks — This enables companies to customize internal tasks that support their supplier onboarding and ongoing supplier management process. This is a paid feature. To enable this on your account, please contact us at

Miscellaneous — Minor bug fixes and modifications throughout the app to continually improve the user experience.


March 7, 2020
Japanese localization — Japanese suppliers are now able to read and respond in their local language, and English speakers will be able to review in English. Expect additional languages to be added in the coming months.

Homepage enhancements — The homepage no longer limits the display of in-process connections to your default role. It now displays all in-process Customer and Supplier connections for those indicated as being in both a buying and selling role.

Better clarity on the W9 upload — A visual prompt makes it less likely your suppliers will upload an outdated version of their W9.

Improved Products & Services tag input — The tag input component encourages companies to add Products & Services information as search terms instead of long descriptive sentences, improving the type of content for product-based risk surveys and better supporting product-level search.


January 15, 2020
Improved Task Tray — The new task tray makes it very easy to see what needs to be done no matter where you are in the survey. The new tray is pinned to the top of the page, allowing you to quickly jump from task to task. Clicking ‘view task’ puts you immediately into edit mode, making data entry faster than before.

Ability to segment user groups — User Group segmentation can be used to sub-divide user groups based on your custom data elements (e.g. region, risk, spend category, etc.) to ensure that work is assigned to the right teams. This is a paid feature. To enable this on your account, please contact us at

Logo and avatar upload — The company logo can now be uploaded directly from the homepage as well as your company profile page. Simply click on the ‘edit’ icon to launch the image uploader. As part of this release, the image uploader now allows for basic image editing on both the company logo and the user profile avatar.

Miscellaneous — Various improvements have been made throughout the application to better the user experience.


December 14, 2019
Enhanced user management — Administrators now have the ability to put users into groups, allowing for more flexible access control. The user admin screen is updated to include a search bar, making it easier to find users in your organization. Search by name, by role, or by group.

Business approvals — Business approvals can be added to any question or topic. Approval tasks are assigned to an individual or a group of individuals and approvals are required before advancing the connection status. This feature is available under the ellipses for questions and topics and is a primary call to action during a topic review.

International company locations — International addresses now allow for address auto-complete, making address verification much easier and accurate.

Rescreen workflow — During manual rescreens, the system will automatically notify the supplier if any required questions are incomplete and require a supplier verification when data is more than 90 days old.

“Next steps” modal — Each company can display custom copy when requesters send an invitation and when suppliers complete the survey. 

Automated banking details — For U.S.-based banks, bank name and SWIFT automate based on ABA routing number. This visual feedback reduces the risk of typos and other errors.


November 4, 2019
Company Locations — Company addresses are now validated by a third party, along with automatic mapping via Google Maps. The locations table has been updated to support various location “types” — such as office, warehouse, manufacturing facility, etc. — making it easier for buyers to track which of their supplier locations impact them.

Parent/Child cross-linking — The “parent/child” indicator now supports cross-linking when both companies have graphiteConnect profiles. As always, information in this section is pulled from the Company Organization and Ownership section of the survey.

Advanced Filtering — The Search Results and Connections pages allow for advanced filtering across various data points. The “save” feature makes it easy to run the same report again and again.


October 2, 2019
Better visibility into status — Improved homepage cards provide better insight into the status of the connection and lets you know exactly who is responsible for the next step. If you are waiting on the other company, the ‘more details’ link in the connection tray gives you a complete list of what they have and have not completed.

Visual improvements make completing the survey easier — Visual dividers help provide context, and improvements to font styling make it easier to emphasize what is important in each question.

Parent/Child indicators — Relationships between companies are indicated in the new “parent/child” indicator. This displays on the search and connections screens and on the company profile page. Information in this section is pulled from the Company Organization and Ownership section of the survey.

Improved Search Results and Connections pages — Information on the Connections page has been improved to provide you better supplier information. The Search Results page leverages the Supplier and Customer tables as seen on the Connections page, and breaks out search results based on this attribute.

Enhancements to profile filtering — Profile filtering has been improved to include the ability to quickly find high- and low-risk answers, and questions with messages, reminders, and notes. You can now click on the topic “flags” to quickly apply that filter to an individual topic.


August 27, 2019
Share your company profile — Externally share your company profile to businesses not yet on the graphiteConnect network. This allows you to grant limited access to your company profile for 1 week.

Easily find tasks on the task list — Filters have been added to the task list. Filter by date range, by task owner, or by topic to find exactly the task you are looking for.

Improvements to the new company invitation experience — The invitation screen will now do a quick search to ensure you don’t duplicate company invitations. The pending invitation screen makes it more clear who the invitation was sent to and allows you to edit the recipient's name and email address if needed.

Improved data in the Excel export — Information that is exported from the Connections page now includes everything you need to know about the connection, including start and end dates for each stage and each task. Now it is even easier to get the exact data you need for analysis.

Company card updates — Company cards on the homepage now display the current status of the connection.


August 20, 2019
Performance improvements — Expect quicker task processing and other speed enhancements.

Topic Reviews — All previous Topic Reviews are displayed in a table, most recent first.

Company profile filters — Filters on profile pages are easier to use and prioritize what is most needed.

System defaults — Default answers are now available as a paid feature.

Connections Export — Connections export now includes all profile data for the connection.

Miscellaneous — Minor modifications throughout the app to continually improve the user experience.


July 31, 2019
Home page updates — Requesters will now find it easier to invite a new supplier or customer with the addition of an “add new” button on the homepage.

Improvements to the company profile screens — Interactive icons are consolidated in an ellipsis, making it easier to view question and answer text. Tables are now formatted for better readability and have been updated for in-line editing.

Banking and Tax validations — Routing numbers and EINs are now validated for United States companies.

Miscellaneous — Continuing improvements to search. Improvements to overall UI to better support user needs.


July 23, 2019
Question-level notes — Now teams can tie internal notes to any question or topic, making collaboration more efficient. Rest assured that these notes are for internal use only, and your connection will not be privy to anything tied to the connection profile. Remember, notes are viewable only to your company, while messages can be seen by both sides of the connection.

Identity Score — Unsure if this company is who it says it is? Based on a list of identity attributes, graphiteConnect will give you an indication of whether or not this company can be positively identified. This is not an indication of risk.

Connections export — You can now export your connections to Excel. Simply narrow your connections list based on search terms or filters, then click the ‘export’ button at the top of the page.

Miscellaneous — Unsure what information to add to the survey? Tooltips are included to help you understand what information is required to build your profile. Also, we continue to make improvements to our search feature on the profile pages. Now it is possible to keyword tag specific questions, making it easier for you to build a custom search for anyone on your team. Other backend improvements continue to provide a better user workflow.


July 15, 2019
Search and Connections pages — Both the Search and Connections pages have been updated to better provide the information you need to find companies that match what you are looking for. In addition to a refined list of matching companies and relevant filters, the search bar has been updated to allow you to search across all company information, or do a targeted search on just the company name, products and services, or country.

Improved message notifications — We’ve updated who gets notified when messages are sent, improving the relevancy of message notifications and daily emails.


July 5, 2019
Homepage — The first page after logging in is our new homepage. Here you can start a search or add a new company, quickly access your company and user profiles, see the status of in-process connections, and have a clear view into new tasks, unread messages, and upcoming reminders.

Updated task list — Your task list now delineates tasks assigned specifically to you and your team members. It also includes all other tasks your company is working on. It more clearly identifies the company connection status and helps you track the number of days since the task was created.

Updated connection tray — The new connection tray highlights your outstanding tasks more efficiently, making it very clear what each team member must do to continue the connection. It does a better job of informing you if the connection is pending task completion by your company or if the outstanding task is with the other company. Starting the connection is easier than ever, and Manage tasks clearly communicate if the relationship is ready for business.

Improvement to search — Searching for companies is easier than ever with improved search logic, and now you can search for specific questions or answers on an individual company profile.

Answer change management — In addition to notifying you when your connections change company data, your company will now receive (optional) tasks for critical changes (e.g. Banking information, updated W-9). These tasks help you ensure that data changes are properly acknowledged prior to updating your other business systems.

Miscellaneous — When needed, topic reviews can now be triggered manually. Minor enhancements to tables.


June 10, 2019
Reminders — You now have the ability to set reminders for questions or for topics. These reminders will automatically create a task for all appropriate team members when it becomes due. Scheduled topic reviews make use of this new feature and will trigger a new topic review on the requested date. 

Question visibility — We have made enhancements to the rules that dictate when questions will display and have improved how question groups and tables render on-screen.

Miscellaneous — Continuing improvements to search and UI to increase clarity for common functionality. Implementation of a public-facing API. Fix default settings in the user profile. Improved overall system performance.


June 5, 2019
Inviting new companies — We updated the invitation modal on the Search Results screen for clarity and conciseness. This feature is used when a company is not currently in graphiteConnect and must be invited to join the platform before connecting with your company.

Miscellaneous — Improved search functionality. Minor enhancements to table view.


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