How to complete a Bank Approval

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What to expect

As part of Graphite Connect security measures, all banking updates require a second authorized user with banking permission to review and confirm bank details before updates are available to your customer.

When you make an update to the bank section, an email will automatically route to the appropriate users with the permission to review and authorize these changes.

The initial email and reminder emails are sent from ""


Offline approvals

Occasionally there may be a situation where a second authorized user is not available. This can happen if you are a small business or an individual. In the absence of a second user, we require an alternate means to confirm this update was made by you and these approvals will be routed to our support team to complete offline.


Completing online bank approvals

Online banking approvals will always be the most efficient way to make sure that banking updates are available to your customers quickly. Only the users assigned the tasks will have the authority to complete the approval. 

  1. Log into Graphite Connect.

  2. Go to the Tasks page and look for the Approval Needed task that is assigned to you.


  3. Click the Task item to view the profile details.

  4. Review the banking information that has been added. Once approved, indicate your approval and justification in the approval box on the left.




If you have any questions, please contact our support team for assistance with these approval tasks.

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