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The Contact Center can be found in connection profiles and in your company profile, showing a comprehensive list of contacts. Viewing the Contact Center in a connection will only show relevant contacts and information between your organization and your customer.

The permissions and contact roles are both shown in the Contact Center. Permissions are a user’s system privileges, such as administrator. Contact roles relate to a user’s function between two connecting organizations, like general order contact.  

Contact roles also differ from permissions in that you can designate a primary contact. Designating a user as a primary contact lets your customer know who is the preferred user to be contacted for each particular role. With certain roles you’re able to assign multiple primary contacts. The first user assigned to a role will automatically be assigned as the primary contact.



The top of the left navigation are the two organizations in the connection, and the active state indicates which side of the connection you are viewing. The contacts you see in the contact center belong to the organization that is highlighted. You can easily switch between the two lists of contacts by selecting the button to switch views.

The Contact Center also contains filters and the ability to search for contacts. You can quickly narrow down contacts by filtering, or you can adjust how contacts are displayed by adjusting the “Sort by” dropdown.


Assigning Users to Roles

Contact roles can be assigned to a contact in two ways, the first being automatically when filling out the profile. For example, users or contacts designated as a General Sales Contact within the profile and will appear in the Contact Center. These contacts can be updated any time by modifying your answer in the profile. Contact roles are established when completing the connection. These roles can be edited in the profile or in the contact center. 



The second method of assigning roles is in the contact center. Selecting a contact makes an ‘Edit Contact Roles’ button visible. From here you can assign or unassign one or more roles to contacts. Selecting multiple contacts will allow you to add new roles to all selected contacts.


Edit button highlight Suppliers.png


Within the Edit Contact Roles modal you can also modify the primary attribute for contact roles.  There must be a minimum of one primary contact in any given role. If your customer needs location-based contact information you can edit this inside the Edit Contact Roles modal as well. 



User statuses

There are a few user statuses that a contact can have. Statuses show whether or not a user has system access or is a non-system user. Non-system users are contacts that are data only and with no single person controlling that contact’s information. 

Besides “User” and “Not a Graphite user” status, there is also “Pending”. This status designates that a user has been invited to Graphite but they have not yet accepted. 



Adding new users or contacts

Besides adding users while answering profile questions, all user management can be done through the Users page within the Admin section of Graphite Connect. The Users page is the only location where you can edit a user’s system permissions. 

If you are the admin and need to add a user or need to update users permissions, here are some helpful links to these topics:

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