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Add your company's logo to your company profile in Graphite Connect so that customers can easily find you in the network.

When you log in to Graphite Connect, you will see your company's name and image on the Home page. Currently, a simplified avatar is saved as your company's logo. 




To add your company logo, simply click on the pencil icon to the right of your company image. This will open your company's avatar to edit. 


An edit window will appear where you can upload your company logo. 


Drag your company logo image into the "Drag here" box or click "Browse" to search your computer for the file and upload. 

Once the file is uploaded successfully, a file editor screen appears where you can edit the file as needed.


Once editing is done, click "Done".

When the image saves successfully, you will now see the uploaded logo in the window. 


Click "Close" to finish. 

Now you will see the new logo on your Home page. 



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