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Action Plans are used to consolidate a group of tasks into one location, making it easy to track what is needed in your Supplier relationship. These are often used to track actions needed for risk mitigation or remediation, or can be used for supplier innovation.

The Action Plans page in the main navigation provides a list of all existing Action Plans. Or, you can view the Action Plan at the Supplier level via the left nav.

Creating an Action Plan is easy and, once created, any new Task created can be associated back to the plan as needed.


Components of an Action Plan

Each Action Plan has a title, a summary, an impact level, an owner, and the original creator. When creating the Action Plan you define whether final approval is needed by the owner, by the creator, or both.

Action Plan tasks can be associated with a specific question or tasks can be created ad hoc. When associated with a specific question, the Action Plan will be automatically associated with the Topic in which the question lives.

The Action Plan module also leverages the collaboration tools seen throughout graphiteConnect. It is easy to send in-app messages at the task level, set reminders for yourself, and keep internal notes about the Action Plan. Manual approvals can also be created, but the Action Plan will automatically create approvals for the Owner and/or Creator based on what has been set as required. These automatic approvals trigger when all tasks are marked as complete so the approver can confirm if the Action Plan can be closed.


Adding a Task to the Action Plan for a specific question

You can assign a Task to any section or specific question by clicking the 3 dots to the right of any question or section. 

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A Task window comes up for you to create the Task. 

Click "+" to add a Task.

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Fill in the Task details. 

  • You can assign Ownership to the Supplier or to any user of your company. 
  • If you define a Due Date, once the task passes that date it will clearly display as "overdue".
  • The Task will show as an outstanding item in the connection until it is completed.
  • To associate the task to an Action plan, select from the Action Plan dropdown. If no Action Plan has been created yet, Graphite will ask the needed details to build the Action Plan.

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Action Plan Tasks created this way will include a "target" link to the associated question.


Creating an ad hoc task in the Action Plan

From the Action Plan page, simply click + Add task. The details required mirror what is needed if you added this task at the question level. However, this task does not include a "target" to a specific question.

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