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The Dow Jones integration allows you to enrich your due diligence data for managing regulatory and reputational risk. Dow Jones is a global leader in delivering high-quality data. Their solutions include several areas of expertise such as research in compliance, financial crime, sanctions, and trade.

This integration requires you maintain a separate subscription directly with Dow Jones.


Available settings

  • Configurable default search parameters like selected watchlists, state-owned companies, adverse media hits, or restricted locations
  • Define if a Dow Jones search is to be initiated as part of your automated onboarding workflow or request searches on demand


Accessing the information

To view your Dow Jones enhanced supplier data, navigate to the Ethics and Integrity topic in a supplier’s profile. The Dow Jones subsection will appear in three different states: no results, results found pending review, and matches selected. Your default search settings for Dow Jones will determine how narrow or broad your searches are.




The default search settings are used for automated searches, but search parameters can always be modified for a refined set of results. Clicking any of the blue links (“No matching results”, “Results found, pending review”, or “Edit selected company(s)”) will open a right-side drawer displaying a simple UI to customize your results. This drawer allows you to edit your search parameters, run a new search, and edit which companies are matched to the supplier. Selecting and matching a company within the search results will bind the associated company’s Dow Jones identification number to the supplier’s Graphite ID, meaning new query results will automatically be updated in the profile if the Dow Jones information changes. Similarly, you can use this drawer to unbind these identifications if matches are incorrect or change.




Once results are matched to a supplier, the Dow Jones subsection will display a quick recap of the search results. You can easily expand this to see more details, such as a more robust description of the results and a clickable Dow Jones ID. These ID hyperlinks will navigate you directly to the Dow Jones database.




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