Creating Tasks and Business Approvals

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Navigating Tasks

All activity in graphiteConnect is task-based. Many tasks are automatically generated by the system, but users have the ability to manually create tasks when needed.

To find and access the Tasks page look up at the top of the page and select the tab titled "Tasks"




The tasks page displays all tasks that are assigned to your company. This page has several options for sorting and filtering making it easy to drill down to the specific task you are looking for.

Selecting the specific task will take you into the connection and the section that the task pertains to. Once a task has been completed then it will no longer be seen on the tasks page.


Creating a Task

graphiteConnect allows users to create tasks for users of your company OR for the topic owners of the company you are connected with (supplier or customer). Tasks can be added at the topic or the question level. Simply select the ellipses on the side of the topic or question and select the "Tasks" option.




The side window will display any open or closed tasks for this section.




Clicking the plus button will open the task creation page. Here you will add the task title and description of what needs to be done, associate the task with an action plan (Learn more about action plans), set the priority, assign the task to an owner, and define the start date and due date. 

Note: For in-process connections, tasks can be postponed until after the connection is finalized. Select the "on connection" option to utilize this feature.





Creating a Business Approval

Business Approvals are a special type of task that allows the approver to specifically indicate if they approve (yes or no), and allows the approver to upload supporting documentation. 

Approvals do not require a start date or a due date. The approval task is sent to the assigned user as soon as the task is created.


Completing the Task/Approval

Once a task or approval is created, the system will trigger the task and assign it to the appropriate company and user based on the information provided. When the task is marked as complete, the person who created the task or approval will receive a notification email alerting them the task is finished.

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