Steps to Update a Bank Account

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Protecting the security and safety of your information is a top priority at Graphite Systems. In light of recent events, we understand that some of you may need to edit/update your bank account information. If you have not done this recently, here is a refresher on how to do so.


Steps to edit/update a bank account

  1. Log in to Graphite Connect (
    • You must have the System Permission for Banking in order to view and edit bank account details.

  2. Go to your company's profile by clicking on View Profile under your company avatar.

  3. Click on the Sales, Order, and Payment topic


  4. Scroll down to the Bank Information section.

    • All bank updates require secondary approval. If you already have a secondary approver, be sure that person is aware and available to approve the coming change. If you do not have a secondary approver selected you can add one now.
    • If you do not have a secondary approver, be prepared to respond to an approval request from Graphite Support.

  5. Select the bank account you wish to edit.

  6. Edit bank account information as needed. Be sure to delete and upload new bank account documentation if required.

    • Sensitive information, including bank account number and bank account documentation, require two-factor authentication.

  7. Upon saving the new bank account information, a secondary approval request will automatically be created and is required. Banking updates will not be sent to your customer until this approval is completed. Learn more about how to complete a bank approval. 

  8. Once the update has been approved by your second approver and validated by Graphite Support it is sent to your customers to review and update their payment systems.

    • This is not immediate. Graphite takes security seriously, and all verification and approval steps must be followed in order to reduce risk of fraudulent activity.

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