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The Graphite Connect Homepage is designed to create transparency for business owners and suppliers, so you know exactly what is needed to proceed. All users are directed to this page upon login. This page is configured based on user permissions, meaning certain sections are only available if you have the correct user roles. Basic users see a limited set of features, while advanced users are given more options.


On the left side of the Homepage is a section identifying your company and a list of quicklinks. These links can be modified based on the needs of your company. 

At the top of your screen is a search bar where you can search for anything on Graphite. Querying a search directs you to a search page that displays the top search results in buckets of relevant categories, from companies to contracts. 

Below the search is the “My items” section which is a list of anything that you either have initiated or your assigned tasks.


For buyers For suppliers
The cards on the home page display when you are the business owner, or requester, and there is an open task associated with that supplier. The cards on the home page display if there are any open tasks related to a customer connection.


The cards have a collapsed view, giving at-a-glance information about your item. You can either click on the name of the company to instantly go to that connection or you can click anywhere else on the card to display more information. In this expanded view, the card has a visual representation of any outstanding tasks related to the connection. Clicking any of these tasks will direct you to the appropriate location to complete the task.

At the bottom of this section is a visual breakdown of your tasks based on task status, helping you to determine which you need to tackle first. Clicking on one of the statuses will direct you to the Tasks page filtered to that status.

The Homepage will show a small overview of reporting statistics based on your permissions. Any users of a company with Reporting turned on, and has system permissions (i.e. topic ownership or admin), will see a blade of content showing onboarding statistics. Topic owners will be shown statistics about the topics that they have ownership over and admins will see all topic statistics. 

Each section will have a link that will direct you to the Reports page, requiring a paid subscription to access. Please reach out to your customer success representative to find out more or to enable this feature. For more information about Reporting within Graphite please visit our Operational Reporting article here.

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